Who is she?


The wanderer…. Who is she? And what is she like? She has a deep melancholic soul… filled with a longing that has yet to be satisfied. She is like a star, shining in the heavens, surrounded by nothing other than darkness; she is the inevitable flicker of a light that never goes out.  But mostly, she is the ever glowing search for everything worth preserving and holding, deep within out hearts. She is the one that fights and never subsides, the one that believes when everything says otherwise… She is the one with a glowing smile and an adorable sparkle in her eye that is always there, independently of whatever is going on around her. She is all feeling, a thousand dreams and an insatiable desire  to experience everything that life has to offer. She is a soul, that always longs for what has been… She remembers.

Picture above taken in Museu Chiado, Lisbon a couple of days ago. 

Sarah Frances Dias

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