Come with me…

” Oh baby come with me… come with me in the midnight hour, and dive into the open sea; come and fly with the wind and melt inside my heart. Come touch my soft skin, and feel the universe inside one look. Come my love… . Sit by me. Melt in me. Let’s connect.  Let’s love with a love that we cannot understand, let’s chase the world and set it on fire, let’s give all that we are and become all that we can be. Let’s just live. Let’s breathe and be. Come baby…. come on. Dance with me…. forget about the world, leave it all outside… come be with me here, where there are silver linings and where hope always springs. I can be your muse, I can be your goddess. If you just let this all-consuming love take over you… Just give in, surrender a little and let love lead the way.”

Something I wrote exactly three months ago. It was lost in the midst of a thousand other writings, short ideas and incomplete texts. 

Picture above was taken at the V&A in London, last August. 

Sarah Frances Dias

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