Summer’s Glow

It’s summer. Summer is not only the time of sunshine, long hot days, beach wanderings, swimming in the ocean, wearing chiffon dresses and having fresh cool fruit all the time. Although those are some of my favourite things about the months of summer, I know  it is so much more than that. Summer is the season that is symbolic of the vitality of youth and of life just beginning to thrive; it is the time when life is blooming in a million colours and opening up in an infinite number of energies. It is the time when birds begin to fly; when baby animals start to take their first steps and it it the time when flowers punctuate the landscape with a million bright and happy colours and forms. It is the season of happiness…. For the sensitive hearts, it is a time for experiencing, feeling and being in the sunshine. For the wandering souls, summer is a time to be outside, to feel the cool winds, dance until midnight and laugh with the moon.  Summer has always been seen as a reason to celebrate, and the summer solstice ( the longest day of the year) has been celebrated in every ancient civilisations since the beginning of time. Today, we seem to have forgotten about these unique energies that only summer carries within itself. We seem to have forgotten completely that what summer carries (that is the reason that sustains all of these beautiful celebrations, experiences, and natural happenings) is one single simple thing that is very often overlooked…. Energy! Summer is energy in a thousand different forms. Energy thrives and spreads in the sunshine rays, in the blossoming of the flowers, in the warm temperatures and even in the cool winds…. Energy compels the animals to grow, to fly, to crawl and to exist.  It is energy that is the underlying magnetism of summer. It is this thriving of life that is the core of these summer days. And, as for me, as an artist, painter, I am always most creative in the summer.  So, today, as I take a break from creating and lie in the beach in this hot summer day, I make myself take a moment, pause and remember that although this is the time for creating with that summer energy, for feeling and for living life in full it is also the time to absorb those beautiful vital energies, to capture them on the inside and freeze them deep within our hearts, because sure enough, they won’t last forever… fall will be here shortly, and that is a whole other story. But for now, we get to experience and feel those Energies in full bloom.



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