Those who dream.

For those that dream… reality is almost always a sort of prison we can never escape from. The dream, stronger than anything of this world, fuels our spirits and lights our souls. It chases us, it makes us act, change, be and exist in ways we never even considered. It shapes our thoughts, it guides our actions, and it acts as a sort of light at the end of a very long darkened tunnel. It is the dream (not the small dreams, but that life dream that has deep roots within us) that never subsides and never diminishes. It is always there… keeping our souls on fire. And although reality seems like a prison (and indeed, it kind of is), it is from this reality that we must fly from, gradually… steadily and faithfully moving towards that spark that makes us light up like a star.  I smile. I like knowing that so many other people, although rare, are also filled with sparks that never subside, and that they too… belong to the world… as…  those who dream.  

So when we meet… don’t tell me your worries, your day or your concerns; don’t show me who you are with empty words or a thousand explanations… just tell me your dream. 



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