The way we feel…

Some think feeling is only feeling… but that is not true. It is a highly incomplete idea of a huge part of our existence. Others go as far as saying that feeling and emotions are only a form of weakness. But again, that is not true. I don’t know where these people get their certainties from, but it surely is a narrow and simple minded view of life. Feeling is so much more than the word can claim. Feeling comes from a world that we do not understand just yet: it comes from the soul. It is in feeling that we gain a sense of existence, a sense of belonging and a sense of ‘dwelling’ as Heidegger used to say. Without feeling (without those infinite emotions that abide inside of us and that compose our complex inner worlds) there would be no imagination at all, no desire to create, no ability to be creative and no intuitive understanding of life itself. It is feelings, emotions, that make us human… they give us our ability to have compassion, to experience love, to know peace, to have empathy and above all, they give us our inner strength as hope. They grant us our ability to dream… they make us feel alive, giving us an understanding of what living is in the first place. Where would be without our feelings? Long gone… I am sure. For without them humanity for sure would have extinguished itself, just as those that do not understand and grow their feelings and emotions, have no problem at all, in extinguishing other species (animals). The world can say and do as it pleases… but as for me… I know that it is feelings and emotions that connect us to our souls. So if we could save only one thing of our humanity in this complex numbing world it has to be this: the way we feel. If we can save that, then everything else will follow, and the world might find peace… for once and for all.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Pictures above were taken in Bali in June. More about that here: An elephant named Arum. 

Sarah Frances Dias

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