Where wild flowers grow…

I want to be where the wild flowers grow, where there is no difference between here and there, where the halo of the moon is always golden and where the stars forever shine in silver shades of blue that glow like neon lights. I want to be where the animals are free to roam and wander with all the shadows of the dancing trees, where the endless landscape sparkles like purple glitter dust, where the birds fly high aimlessly circling the burning sky. I want to be where peace abides, where freedom dwells, where there is an ecstasy that runs deep with the energy of a thousand suns. I want to be in that place where there is only love carelessly flowing from every dancing soul. That’s where I want to be… even if that place only exists in the corners of my dreams or in the sparkles of the next life, that’s where I long to be. Some of those mentor’s of mine, long gone to be able to talk to me here and now, tell me that place is already here, inside of me. But if that were so, then where does this longing come from? This longing that never diminishes and never subsides…. So I just sit here, in this corner of my world, in the middle of the midnight hour, and dream of that place where the wild flowers grow.

Picture above was taken in February at the Pompidou, Anselm Kiefer’s exhibition. 


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