There is something incredibly powerful that runs through everything; it pulsates like blood in the whole world; it stirs up like an endless energy and a hidden magnetism; it makes the difference between what’s meant to be and what’s merely an accident; it defines what’s right and what’s wrong; it sustains life itself… it gives beauty and love, speaks in hidden tunes and sustains all of our existence. Wether we understand it, see or not, it is there… always beating in the background… luring us into finding our home. Some might call it divinity. Others might consider it to be the forces of the universe. But others, like me, just like to call it a much simpler word, although it might indeed be heavenly sent… I just like to call it magic. It is magic that runs the hidden corners of the world and that conducts the soul.


Picture above taken in Lisbon last year. 

Sarah Frances Dias

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