Incomplete ignorance

I was starting to be happy with my own insignificance and my own lack of knowledge. Because the thing about knowing and learning is, it creates certitudes, and those certitudes are blinding to any kind of evolution, change or even a shifts of perspective. A certitude is final (it is a kind of a small box).  So, one should really be very doubtful of all certainties because they are nothing short of a misconception: a blinded one sided vision. The most basic example 1 plus 1 equals 2, holds true only for mathematics, but that’s it. For philosophy the preposition is wrong (one thought added to another generating four thoughts or no thoughts at all), in science the same hold true, and so on and so on, endlessly. Really all truths are only one sided; the truth seen in one light (through one perspective) is a lie in another light and so on. So in fact, all knowledge is horribly mistaken and to believe otherwise is a form of delusion. What is true for one sense is false to the other.  Now… finally, I could see that answers and knowledge were not good things at all. They were silly incomplete statements that led us even more away from what it was we were looking for in the first place. Yes. Oh yes, a million times yes: incomplete ignorance, over a complete lie.


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