The silence after the storm.


Things happen. Life happens. We suffer. We hurt in ways we didn’t even know could exist; our hearts break into a millions little pieces; we scream and shout and misery seems to never leave our door. We know all too well  that the world is filled with pain and death lingers always ever too closely. But if we wait for the storm to pass, if we just manage to hang on with all the energy that we possess;  if somehow we stay firm and linger on, eventually, one day, down the line, we open our eyes and find that we have survived. All those stormy nights, all the big massive tidal waves bursting in our heads… those are all long gone. And now… there is only a deep stillness in the horizon, the so-called quiet that comes after the storm. But just as we begin to catch our breath and find our footing, we realise that everything is different. When those storms hit, nothing ever stays the same: life changes, dreams change and even moments change.  In the new-found silence after the storm, we find that, despite the turbulence, the wrecks and the nausea that come with every storm, it is, indeed, all a very good thing… It is a necessary condition. We understand… that storms are there to take us into new places; they lead us into new destinations, new oceans and make us look at the sky through new perspectives. We understand… that the only important thing in the middle of all of it is to have faith that everything is exactly as it should be. We understand… that journeys and storms are all part of growth, of finding our own selves, and that as long as we keep the heart smiling and our beating souls always pulsating with life, everything will be just as we had planned.

Picture above taken over the weekend. 

Sarah Frances Dias

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