The living moment is everything


Moments like these are indeed completely indescribable and forever fleeting. They come in like a gush of water out of nowhere, like a thunderstorm out of the blue skies, like a rainbow in a rainy dreary day or just like a shooting star in any dark random night. D. H. Lawrence used to say that: ‘’The living moment is everything.’’. How right he was. One single maddening moment, that is completely alive. So overwhelming and breathtaking, so overpowering and wonderful that all laws of the material world are broken in a heartbeat. With it,  time, just like a cliche, stops. The past is gone, the future doesn’t even matter, and here and now doesn’t even think about its own existence; space, just like the blue heavens, turns into nothing but thin air, vanishing as if it were nothing at all.  On those unique moments, the mind finally subdues, the body rests with ease and the heart finds some kind of loving peace; those are the moments the soul is at home… All those moments that we had experienced, that we had accumulated, are moments that could never be taken away; they belong to the insides, and there they live… awakening us to move forward, to experience more and to be more. It makes me think… maybe it is not at all about the happy ending in itself, but about the stories that define each moment, that compose a great and worthy existence. And if we find that each day is already its own happy ending… that seems to me, to be the best kind of life. Forget about tomorrow… isn’t it true, all we have is today anyway? Just this moment. Just this second, to do whatever it is that we can do, to somehow… make this world a better place.

Picture above taken last year on my way to London.


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