Wordless moments


As much as I love words themselves ( it is through words that we can create special combinations, articulate unique ideas and I really do love discovering new words)… I also love those things that cannot be described by words at all. I love things that don’t have any words for them… And specially… I love communications that don’t need words at all, that exist in silences, in smiles, in thoughts or in between looks. All those things are ‘wordless’ because they are special and unique; they belong to that kind of world that is intangible, improbable and also somewhat magical; they happen in moments, in fragments of seconds or throughout a lifetime… And the only thing they have in common between them is the idea that no words can ever capture their essence at all. They are unworldly, and whenever I try to define them, I am always utterly wordless…. At a complete loss for words. The only thing I know is that out of all moments that define our existence, those are the ones that carve a place in our hearts and make it all worth while: those are the moments that take our breath away, over and over again; they are the ones that defy time, gravity and all the other earthly laws; they are the ones that make our little existence be whole and complete, and it is in moments like those that somehow… we find the best versions of ourselves. Even though I will never be completely happy that I cannot describe them and that no words will ever capture their essence, I welcome then gladly… It is in them that I find myself flying.

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