Made of Stars

There is this scientific idea, that explains that since earth and the whole of the universe exploded from a nothing (Big Bang Theory), we as humans ( our cells, our bodies and our hearts) are made out of the same matter as the stars. But this is not the only theory that claims that. Some spiritual ideas claim that we are in fact essences that came from the stars (Star-childs). These star-childs are not only made of the same matter of the stars, but they also came from the stars: meaning that they are beings and souls that belong to other dimensions and to other worlds, of the heavens, that chose to come to earth to experience human life and to help raise the earths vibrations into another level of spiritual development. I don’t know about you, but I think this is so beautiful. It’s just one of those ideas that resonates inside of me, in the core of my existence. Maybe some of us, did indeed come from the heavens, and are meant to be raising the earth’s energy and vibration. Maybe all those feelings of inadequacy and misplacement that some people feel, are there because they are indeed… true. Their true home is not here on earth, at all… but instead, their true home… is in the stars, where they came from. And lastly, in yet another way, we are all stars in our own little way: shining our light, against the great dark void of the night which is the state of affairs of this world. May we always be stars shining our light…

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