Written in the stars: Exactly as it should be


I can’t help but wonder that some things are somehow all predestined to be exactly the way that they are… We don’t know why and we really don’t understand any of it, at all, because we simply don’t have the ability to see the big picture. Sometimes we have a strong will, and we really do wish that things would go exactly as we had planned, or that they would fall into place, magically, as we had imagined them. But that’s not how things go… Sometimes, the universe has their own plans, and the fact that we can’t see them or understand them, doesn’t really matter at all; sometimes things might not even be conflicting at all, but if they don’t happen exactly as we had imagined we get angry and frustrated in a sort of weird way. The Buddhists believe that if we learnt to live without desires, plans or dreams and just learnt to accept everything for what it is, we would learn to live in peace with the world and with ourselves. For them, this acceptance, and lack of want, is the one thing that can lead us towards enlightenment. But aren’t we all just a little bit too human? We have a million desires, plans, dreams, and things we wish to accomplish; at any given moment in our lives we have a thousand things we wish to control, do and achieve. Although I do agree with the Buddhists, there is a huge part of me that thinks that some of those dreams and wishes might just be there for a reason, and even thought we cannot see the big picture, things are exactly as they should be…. written already in the stars. Maybe the soul does speak in dreams, maybe astrology (and astronomy) is right, and just maybe… everything does happen for a reason.

The pictures above were taken in London at the Tate Britain, last year in July. They are works from Rothko. He believed his paintings were an inevitability… and aimed to re-create the tragedy and ecstasy of life. 

Sarah Frances Dias

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