We collect them all in our hearts…


We chase the mystery, the unknown, we long for the serendipitous moments, we chase the magic, we long for the feeling of finding unexpected beauty… In the process, we let go of who we were, and embrace who it is that we are becoming, whatever that might be. We are not searching for what we know, we are searching for something deeper, for some kind of truth, that is hidden in the lost stones of the past and in the contemporary moments of today’s snippets of life.  We might now know exactly what it is that we are looking for, but as sure as the night becomes the day, it is something as real as our beating hearts. We can feel it… as energies, as spirits, as hearts and as truth… we can sense it, dancing in the midnight air, we can even almost touch it in those intangible moments. And then, when for those brief unique seconds we do find it… like flowers blossoming in the open fields, we save them like treasures. Like a scrap book of memories, we collect them all in our hearts and imprint them all in the fibres of our being. We gather up all of those special things, that awaken our souls… and that make a vibrant tingling flutter through our whole bodies. We store them deep inside our essences, somewhere distance but not nearly as far that they cannot be revisited when the time calls. We are keepers… keepers of truth, of wonder… but mainly, we are the keepers of the soul.


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