Creating and Loving


Why is it that nature is always wild and free, and we, humans, also part of nature, are doomed to be trapped  by our own lives? Isn’t that odd and strange?

What if we got life all tailored up the wrong way round? What if we are supposed to be like the animals… running wild and free? Flying without a destination, prowling without a purpose, and being without a reason… Maybe, just maybe, that’s what our spirits are meant to do…

This thought makes me remember Aristotle when he said that plants have life, animals have life and a spirit, and humans have life, a spirit and a soul. Which means, if we accept Aristotle’s distinction, that if our spirits are meant to be free (like the animals, just the birds and the dolphins), our souls are meant for something else altogether. I think our souls are meant to Create and to Love.

When we look closer… As travellers, wanderers, artists, writers, mothers… we are indeed, doing exactly what we are born to do: we are living our own type of wilderness, freedom, creation and love. We are loving the world, loving humanity, loving our own wanderlust, and we are creating inner and outer worlds from that love. We are flying around, aimlessly, gathering inspiration and growing emotions, and then we are creating from that wondrous place: to inspire, to give, to spread the love, to teach, to understand and to grow.

Maybe… a thousand years from now, when humanity has evolved and grown into other spiritual dimensions, we will all be even more able to live our fullest potentials… creating, loving… completely wild and free. But for now, although we travel, we meditate and try to be centred in order to grow our love, we are faced with a million challenges and a trillion walls, every single day. But I guess the soul is endowed with it’s own strength: it possesses faith to guide us, intuition to enlighten us, and love to comfort us.

We are fighters, we are survivors, we are creators… and above all… we are indeed… always… wild and free.

Photo above taken in Indonesia, Bali, Ubud a couple of weeks ago. 


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