Seeing like a child again: A place in the sun


When we are children we don’t really understand what growing up is all about, neither do we understand why grow-ups are so uptight, what they worry about and why they frown while we are busy  laughing and playing. And then we grow up, and we do begin to understand it all ever so well…

I think it was Picasso that said that it took him a lifetime to learn to be and see like a child again. How true it is… that once we have grown-up, it is incredibly difficult to go back to that state of being a child, once more.

But just for a second, we can imagine we are still children, completely innocent and free; in part because deep down, that child is still there, and in part because it is good to let our imaginations run free.  We can imagine we are playing in a beautiful garden, exploring a beach, collecting seashells, or getting lost in between the forest trees. What we find, in that place as a child, is a purity and an innocence of understanding life: for children everything is simple, pure and beautiful. They don’t need anything at all, just some sunshine… the place doesn’t matter at all, the game doesn’t matter either… what matters, is that they have a place in the sun, where they can laugh, play and be children: exploring the world for the first time, being intrigued by everything around them, and creating stories out of twigs and rags.

So.. for now, as I find myself being a child in imagination, in the hopes of not doing like Picasso and taking my whole lifetime to get that childhood back… As a child, I find myself wishing for nothing other than my own little place in sun: filled with imagination, laughter, play, carelessness and a love for life itself that is always pure.


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