Me and the moon: A funnel of love


It’s always me and the moon. 


It’s never me, the moon and you… as it once was, because now, you are never there. Now… you are never here, so it’s just me and the moon…. always. I just whisper to her, howling in hidden words and beating silences like a wild wolf. I speak to the stars and I tell them a million secrets… I dance madly beneath their shining lights and get lost in my own rhythm as I sway to these hidden tunes that my heart seems to hear. They come from the forest… I know that now. They come from the green mosses, the ancient old trees and the beats of the panthers hearts; they cross great oceans, and vast distances and they sing in hearts of all those who listen, no matter how far or where they are. People like you… like me…. that still have wild hearts I guess. I dance madly and endlessly… and I laugh… I laugh at the dreams I hear whispered by the twittering trees, I smile at the memories that come with the star-dust that falls from heaven in my floating hair, I feel the wind on my lips that sweeps in and out of the great vast void and I get swept by the cold on my skin that makes my whole existence quiver in a million ecstatic emotions. In these moments, when it’s just me and the moon… it feels like I have bundles of flowers in my heart, and as I dance, it’s as if all of the walls of time get burnt down into ashes, and all that remains is this nothingness where I happen to be. As time dissolves into nothing, as space comes crushing down, what is left behind is this everything that fuels the soul like a magic spell cast millennia ago. I laugh some more… and more… at the blissfulness of our own existence, at the beauty of this green open field, at the smell of jasmine coming through me… I smile some more… at the vastness of life itself, at the small mushrooms growing in the corner, at the way my fingers dance across the air… I dance some more… spinning around as if I am floating on air. 

And then I freeze…. I get frozen, as something captures me.  Everything goes still… or maybe it’s just me. But instantly… I just know. I start smiling, even wider, even deeper… from that other place inside my soul. 

When I turn around I see your face…. then your body… standing right behind me… looking at me… smiling with me too. Your eyes pierce mine, as always. You touch my lips… softly… But as soon as you do, you are gone… Gone. A hidden energy crossing space and time, for just seconds, and then dissolving into nothing… as you came so you were gone. My heart starts beating again… and my soul starts smiling… finding its bearing… as the sounds of the ancient old trees and the panther’s hearts start echoing inside of me again. 

Maybe it’s not just me and the moon after all… Maybe not.

I dance and dance. 

These secrets belong only to the night…  Always. 



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