A poem: What love is…



The Kiss by Gustav Klimt


A few ideas on what love is… 


Love is a fire that burns in flames of a million sparks.

Love is intense energy and vibrations, chemistry and exploding lights…

Love creates chaos and uproar, but also softness and truth.

Love is believing when everything points to the contrary… it is knowing even when there is no evidence at all.

Love needs no proof, no validation, no certainty and no reassurance… it just knows. 

Love is seeing imperfections and still falling in love, it is laughing lovingly at all the quirky little details that we all have and still finding it all something to love.  

Love is opening up completely, even with a million fears and doubts.

Love is never demanding, never hurtful and never expecting.

Love is a space of comfort and the only possible place of ecstasy.

Love is forever wanting to give, even in the midst of hurt and pain.

Love is always open and forgiving, independently of whatever mistakes have been done.

Love is dancing under the moon and creating sparkles out of dust…

Love is turning every mundane moment into a beautiful ecstatic memory.

Love is creating beautiful dreams and even more dazzling memories.

Love is deep and it is always meaningful; it is heartfelt and spontaneously, honest and vulnerable… strong and never changing.

Love is a rock in a storm, and a butterfly in flight; it is a star shining in the dark heavens, and it is the comfort of home.

 Love is both a beautiful mess and a perfect order…

Love is collecting seashells and saving them closely inside our hearts… 

Love is both the silver soft moon and the flaming burning sun.

Love is shy yet brave… conquering yet soft… it is pain yet it is the only happiness that there is.

Love is desire, passion and freedom all rolled up into one single moment.

Love is the strength of the past and it is the bliss of the unravelling future.

Love is the only thing worth living and dying for.

Love is the language of the heavens and of the soul… 

Love… occurs when two souls are finally re united, against all odds, across the windows of eternal time, finding a beautiful space here, in a corner of this temporary home we call earth.

Love is the only truth. Love is everything…. 


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