Who we are and what are we doing here?


I find myself wondering, so many times, over and over again, a question so small one would think it would be impossible to hold so much significance and mystery within it. The question is this: who are we? Who are we, as a species, as human beings, with hearts and souls? Who are we and what are we doing here? It is so easy to become so intertwined with life that we forget that we don’t really have an answer to these questions at all. Nobody does. We, humans, have questioned our own existence for as long as we were able to think… and yet, the only answers that we have are immersed into a huge mystery… filled with incomplete ideas and partial truths; the only answers that we are able to come up, are fragments of words and vague suggestions. Because of our inability to answer these questions, it seems we have forgotten all about them: it’s better that way, our contemporary world claims, because asking them again would mean that we would have to understand how stupid, foolish and not-knowing we really are. But others, have dared to asked them and even came up with answers, even if they were and are incomplete.

For the scientists we are nature: we are bodies with blood, bones and organs, and our only purpose is to simply just exist. For the philosophers we are our consciousness, we are our own thinking patterns (I think, therefore I exist); therefore, our purpose is to understand, to comprehend, to explain and to reason. For the Scholars we are discoverers, designed to grow and expand our body of knowledge in order to continue our growth as a civilisation. For the Creators (artists, writers, musicians, and so on) we are makers, that create according to things that surpass our understanding, and therefore, our purpose is to allow those mysterious things, to communicate ideas and values that don’t yet exist in the world. For Christianity, we are God’s sons and daughters and our purpose is not only to live according to God’s plan, but also to do God’s work on earth, (to be His arms, hands and mouth here, as we live). Buddhism says we are here to become Nothing and Everything: to become God like, in our own essence, and to transcend our own material nature, learning the ultimate lessons and thus, breaking the cycle of reincarnation (avoiding coming back for other lifetimes). For Spiritualism we are a field of energy levels, that can be raised in order to match cosmic vibrations and therefore help humanities growth by raising the earths vibrations.  There are so many more ideas, theories and principles…

But what do these things really say?  Regardless of these very important and valuable ideas, we are still left with more questions… and more mysteries. For some, we are here by a mere chance encounter of cells and atoms, for others we belong to a grand design and an infinitely intricate plan for human kind. I like to believe that all the theories are just little beads that make up a whole necklace… they don’t contradict each other at all, but instead make up one whole vision; each theory is like a little brush stroke making up a huge masterpiece. However, we do not have the ability to see this masterpiece… just yet.

So, in reality, we are still completely clueless humans… It seems. But when we observe deeper, into the hearts and spirits of some great humans that have lived and that are living in the world, we understand that it is not entirely correct…. and that not all humans are completely clueless at all.

It seems that despite not knowing who we exactly are and what we are doing here, some of us (or even all of us) are guided by something greater than ourselves… There is something inside of each and every one of us, that just knows… and that knowing is what guides our every day existence and that dictates our day-to-day life. Wether we acknowledge it or not… it is there, always in the background, whispering subtle secrets and lighting the way throughout the darkness. We can see it in a mother’s love, we can see it in a child’s laugh, we can understand it in a souls devotion to discovery or creation. We can see it in out love for travel, in our passion for the unknown… We can find it in a moments stillness as we gaze into the sunset in a far away place.

These questions flooded my existence as I wondered the beaches of Indonesia last week… There is just something so beautiful about travelling that always makes us feel those great unanswerable questions of life.

But, what I realised is that even thought it seems like we don’t know… and when we ask the questions, all answers are always terribly incomplete, there is something that doesn’t need to answer anything at all and that simply smiles at all those questions. Whatever it is… the soul, the spirit or consciousness, it doesn’t need any questions at all and doesn’t need any real answers either… simply because it doesn’t live in the reality of the body and the mind, it belongs to some other place altogether, where words and answers are not needed at all. That little special something knows everything already and all we have to do is let it smile, as it reassures us that everything is fine… just the way it is….


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