Travel time. 


At home

I’m sitting at Home, about to take off to the airport, to begin a journey that will take me to the other side of the globe. In a couple of days I will be somewhere in the midst of the Indic Ocean. But before that, I will stop and enjoy the night time in an Arabic country… I will wander the streets (or The airport) of Dubai. After that I will take a very long flight to the Island of the Gods. In total, in 30 hours I will have travelled exactly 13.530 kilometers… And I can’t wait!

Traveling always gets my heart beating just a little bit faster… And as if by magic it places these beautiful subtle butterflies inside my veins. It gets me thinking about the infinite possibilities that lie ahead: a completely different culture, with a completely different way of life. As much as I love wandering in European or American cities, there is something incredibly beautiful about dwelling in another culture altogether. It’s as if there is an entirely different way of understanding existence altogether, of living, of breathing and of understand their souls. Besides the culture, of course there is another infinite world of things that is always so appealing about going somewhere new.. Discovering new places, finding hidden gems in the most unexpected of spaces, talking to the locals, trying different foods, looking at all the animals, walking in thousand year old temples, understanding the spirituality of the place, wandering in local markets, swimming in another ocean, have coconut water while lying at the beach… These are just some of the things I am dying to do. The list is even bigger than the list of places I have that I want to go see…

But besides all of these things to experience, see and marvel.. There is something else altogether. When we travel, we leave everything behind… The worries, The day to day routine, The familiar….. It’s all left behind, back there, at Home. And replacing The space of all of those things is Something new… A blank space, waiting to be filled with new stories And new meanings.

5 hours later

I’m above The ground now, In The middle of this deep blue sky, with nothing below me but these huge puffy white clouds. Sometimes, in between them, at the very end there are some glimpses of landcapes, And  I can still see some part of Portugal, with its shades of ochres and dark olive green emerging… Very dar down bellow. But as for me, I am no longer there, I am up here… Above the clouds… Flying. That electrifying feeling of butterflies is still running in my veins. And, still, I cannot quite find the words to explain it or understand it. Of course expectations and dreams have a lot to do with it, of course the novelty and adventure are a major part of it, and naturally, the sense of discovery is part of the it, too. But it is so much more than that. It is a space that possesses bubbles of energy, of hope and dreams; it possesses a love just waiting to burst out at the sight of the first landscape; it is filled with desire, as there is a desire to do, meet everyone and see everything; it is a space that is free: never demanding anything and growing and expanding with every single detail; it is a space that is willing, because it is simply just so eager to live; and lastly, it is a space that lives off and thrives off special And unusual things…. The unexpected, the new, the old, the stillness of an empty beach, the roughness of ancient stones, the delicacy of an elephants eye… The strength of a single wild flower… The magic of the moon!  It thrives on all of these things…. I guess that’s why I love “this space” that occurs, specially when we travel to someplace we’ve never been before, and specially when we travel to the other side of the globe. It doesn’t mean that we couldn’t create this space at home… Maybe we could. But where would be the fun in that?? Deep down we are explorers… We are wanderers. We want to see the wold, all of it if possible! We want to know this planet of ours that we call home. We want to dwell in every continent and swim in every ocean. We want to see the colors of the  flowers of every country, learn every religion and say hello in every language. Deep down, that space inside of us is always  there… Just waiting for the next journey, the next adventure… Even if it it is just around the corner to the new restaurant that just openned. It’s an atitude….. This inward space!

I look outside my tiny little window… There are still an infinite number of white puffy clouds bellow me. Something inside of me wishes I could be there, dancing on them, bouncing and laughing. Then, I could run and run laughing forever, straight into the endless horizon, because up here, there… In the clouds, in heaven… nothing ever ends. All I would need would be some angel wings, and my existence in the clouds would be perfect. Nothing but a great open endless sky of infinite shades of blue. I sight…. Maybe if I fall asleep thinking about these puffy clouds that sit right below me, I could actually dream about it…. And experience it. Having wings made of feathers And jumping up And down on White puffy clouds….

A lady calls me: ‘ excuse me Miss… are you Sarah? Did you order the vegetarian meal?’ Lunch is here. I smile and nod. I guess even in heaven, reality always call.


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