Why we write


Writing has been part of who I am ever since I can remember. In many days, it is the first thing I do when I jump out of bed in the morning and the last thing I do as I curl up in bed to fall asleep. It never seemed to be the exactly the right time to start sharing… Until now. Maybe I was frozen by fear, maybe I was so immersed in my own bubble like space of existence that sharing online didn’t even cross my mind at all. However, at one point, as with everything in life, we just have to jump and just do it! So now… I try to share some of my writing, everyday. It is a way to create a discipline, for myself… But it has also made me wonder… Something that I have thought about so many times, but that I have never tried to describe. Which is this simple question:  Why do we write? And why is it so important? Indeed… What is the purpose of writing?  Why do we spend so many countless hours reading, reviewing, analyzing, thinking and trying to find the exact right words to convey an idea, to express a feeling, or to do whatever it is that is captured by words.

 Some people write to keep a record of ideas and memories, others to describe something that happened, others to discover what is hidden deep inside, and others, just write because they love it. There are as many reasons to write as there are writers… Out there in the world. But there are some things we can understand for sure, that seem to be common to all. When we think about it, we understand, that, independently of our reasons, writing is a way of understanding our own existence (through what we write we understand a little bit better who we are and what we believe it); it is also a way to discover what is important to us, what really matters… Because, if we are honest, in the process of writing, there simply is no hiding at all, and everything is out there, in the open (the emotions of the soul emerge); we know that writing, thus, demands a devotion and an openness of our own being: (It demands that we open up our hearts, that we bare our souls, and that we bleed open in the form of words. Sometimes it takes so much, and gives so little… but we keep going…); writing is also a way of creating a space that is rooted in life, but also lives in the imagination and dwells in dreams.

We write so that can become alive. We write so that we can be awakened, so that our attention can be heightened, so that our minds can be diluted, our hearts opened and our souls made clear. We write because we have to create and leave a legacy in the word, because we have to share, make clear and communicate. But most importantly…. we write so that we can discover significances…. That otherwise would be forever hidden. Writing can be a way to escape reality by creating a new one, it can be a way to feel and to experience things that otherwise we couldn’t, it can be a way to organize our minds and our existence, and lastly it can be a way to thrive, grow, dream, understand, imagine and even heal.

So why do we write? The question still echoes…

We write for all of these reasons and many more. Stories, ideas, words and sentences run in and out of head constantly… They can come into me anywhere… Some linger and subside, others, as they came, so they fade… But these things that come and go, seem to be always compelling me to write, and so above anything else… Writing is a necessity. Because without writing, without it… A huge part of us fades away into oblivion. Ultimately, writing is a way of expanding life itself. We don’t write because we want to, we write because without it, we wouldn’t really be ourselves at all and life would be that much less true. Sometimes I close my eyes and I let my fingers type on my keyboards freely… I silence my mind, let my heart fly free, and wait until something comes from deep inside of me and takes over… That’s the best. When the soul manages to find a free space to just create in words whatever it is that it wants to say. So maybe all this writing is just to say one single thing: that through writing, as with other creations, the soul comes alive! And that’s why we write……..


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