Sometimes there is a desire so strong, that burns in our insides, and that never seems to subside. It consumes us, at every waking hour, in the most improbable of places, with no apparent reason at all. Even when we think it is gone, it is not… It is just dormant, sleeping or numb. But as sure as the day turns into the night, it will return… This endless desire has no obvious beginning and sees no apparent end; it doesn’t need any justifications at all… It lives without nourishment and always grows from within; it exist independently of means and has a will of its own…

So why is it there? And what does it want?

They say, desire is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen… I guess that ‘something’ is the operative word… This something, that characterizes this kind of desire seems to be always vague, elusive and intangible. I don’t know if it comes from the heart, if it is the language of the soul, if it is just an ounce of wilderness  refusing to settle into life, or if it is just a love for truth, freedom and all those other things that are beautiful and pure. I don’t know much at all about it, but one thing I do know for sure… It is that it will never stop manifesting into everything it desires and wants to be; it will never surrender, and it will never subside. We can ignore it for a while… But it will never disappear. As surely as the night becomes the day, so too, the desire will not subside until it has become whatever it is that it needs to be.

We might as well just smile, dance and let it be.


3 thoughts on “Desire.”

  1. I think this is a beautiful and lucid insight into the nature of longing. It reminds me of Goethe’s poem “Only He Who Longing Knows”. Here’s my own translation:

    Only he who longing knows,
    my affliction understands!
    Alone and separate
    from every joy,
    in the firmament I see
    to yonder side.

    Ah! Who loves and knows me
    is in distance far.
    It dizzies me, it burns
    my inwards.
    Only he who longing knows,
    my affliction understands!

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