Ode to the Extraordinary





Sometimes I wander around completely oblivious to what is going on around me. It’s not often… but it happens. But other times, it is the exact opposite and I find the most extraordinary things in the most ordinary of circumstances. I thrive in the things I discover… they kind of act as fuel to my soul. Or to put it more simply… they inspire me.  Maybe it’s just the artist side of me, doing what artists are taught to do: to observe, perceive, dwell, understand, and learn to see the world in a new way. But maybe it is something else…

Maybe we all have that side in us (which is what I believe): that side of ourselves that searches, observes, dwells and marvels in what we find; maybe we all have that hidden treasure within us that longs to find meaning  in the most improbable of places, that creates patterns and logics even in the most random of events and that strives to find an inherent beauty in the most unimpressive of atmospheres.  Maybe… just maybe, this quest for the extraordinary defines who we are, as human beings. And maybe (again… just maybe) it is part of something much greater than just understanding the ordinary world around us. Because, in fact, when we search for these hidden beauties, these intricate patterns, or these underlying orders, what we are indeed looking for is an inherent design… a magic that underlines everything in the world around us, a wonder that sustains existence and that defines life.  To understand this, then, is to understand that the world is not indeed random, made of chance, or even composed of ‘ordinary’ things but is in fact, run by something much stronger and wider that turns everything into an ‘extra-ordinary’ thing; to understand this, is to comprehend, even if just intuitively, that our whole existence is coordinated by something that escapes all reasoning and all logical thought; it is to acknowledge that there is indeed a hidden essence that lurks beneath the whole world around us, that there is indeed a magnificent design that composes and orchestrates both nature and life.

I found the beautiful pink flower in the picture  just a couple of days ago… she grew out of those dark black waters… She was the first: just that one single beauty (that seemed to have blossomed a little bit before the time of her sisters), siting on that large water pond. I was immediately reminded that the Lotus flower represents awakening and spiritual growth in most of the ancient civilizations such the Buddhist and Hindu religions. That single flower, blossoming from the darkest and muckiest of places becomes a beautiful essence that lives above the water smiling. Metaphorically… she could be each and every one of us in our own paths of life: blossoming from darkness.

Indeed… when we learn to see, to find, to understand… there is no randomness, there is no chaos and no ordinary happenings. It all holds together beautifully, sometimes we just can’t see it. When we learn to look, to really observe, everything is indeed extra-ordinary, bound together by a subtle yet still perceptible beauty… that just seems to happen, naturally, as if by magic.


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