Eleutheromania is a word that means an intense mania or desire for freedom… an irresistible craving for freedom. I found this word, again, today, as if by accident, and every time I see it, my heart smiles. I don’t know about you, but as for me, it describes part of me perfectly. I guess that’s why my heart smiles, it resonates inside of me in ways that my logical mind can never explain. Deep down, in my core, I long to fly above the clouds, I desire to wander aimlessly across ancient cities, to feel the warm sand on my toes, and to dance blissfully beneath the full moon. It is there… lost between thoughts and feelings, with nothing other in my existence than that bitter-sweet emotion of freedom that I am most at home. It happens… just sometimes (more often than not), when the wind is blowing in between my fingertips, when my hair is wet with salt water or when I can hear the stars whispering to me their secrets… It’s in those unique moments, that I feel completely and utterly free. In every other moment of life, where life seems to dictate everyday actions, that’s what I long for… that’s what I dream about, that’s what consumes my existence to the very core of my being. Eleutheromania… I read it again: an irresistible craving for freedom. I guess we can call it that. We can call it whatever we desire, but it’s essence, just like what it describes will always remain in-tangibly elusive… or simply… Free. I walk out to the balcony, close my eyes and let the wind take over me. It’s cold against my fair skin, but it’s welcomed, as it seems makes me feel alive; before I know it I am no longer here, in this corner of the world, but somewhere else, where there is no ground, no balcony, no clothes, no restraints and no day coming to an end…. Just an infinite sky with nothing other that a million shades of the deepest blue; there, I’m a bird, it seems, flying aimlessly in that great open void. And then I open my eyes, as life pulls me right back down to earth. Maybe it was the cold in my quivering skin, maybe it was my body that wanted to come home. I walk back inside and smile… Freedom. I guess part of the condition of living is always longing for some kind of freedom (whichever it may be) mainly because, deep down… our souls are always free, they are just temporarily trapped in these bodies to experience this beautiful kind of existence called LIFE.




2 thoughts on “Eleutheromania”

  1. …”deu ao Homem a última dádiva: a liberdade de se usar a si e as coisas que recebera como muito bem lhe aprouvesse…mas a liberdade não é um presente fácil de usar…”

    De gaivotas e não só
    Maria Faria Blanc

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