The Unicorn



In this afternoon’s writing session, I found myself typing the most peculiar sentence… It was something like this:

” She can be my Unicorn…. This magical creature that is as beautiful as she is mysterious. Yes, that’s it… She is a Unicorn ! ” 

Of course, instinctively, as soon as I realized what I had written, that was it for my novel-writing, and off I went, into another world of research. We all know the Unicorn as it appears in those children cartoons: a white horse with a white long horn… But … Really… what is the Unicorn? And what does it mean? I must say, the things I found are indeed, as beautiful and mysterious as the symbol of the Unicorn itself. Here are some of the things I have learnt:

The Unicorn is a symbol that appears in many Ancient Cultures, emerging at opposite sides of the globe, in exactly the same way. ( Isn’t that so strange? ) It appeared in early Mesopotamian artworks, in the ancient myths of India and China, in Ancient Greek literature and even in the Bible (reference to a horned animal called reʾem, translated to “unicorn”). Despite this, It is commonly believed that the unicorn never existed, that it has no origin and that it is always imagined. However all these cultures portray the unicorn  as a horse with a single horn growing from its forehead. They describe it As an animal that is  revered and respected; always strong, beautiful and that has a profound desire and connection to do and be good, doing no harm to humans or to any other animal. With time, the unicorn grew in its symbolism, being associated with mysticism and spirituality. In Chinese tradition, for example, the unicorn was considered to be  one of four magical or spiritual creatures. In many stories and myths it is a magical and enchanting animal that appears only to a rare few people, like a magical sighting… Appearing only to the pure of heart. It is also considered to bestow magic, miracles and Wisdom to those who are virtuous and true. Connected to the divine, its magical powers are as rare as they are pure.  It is a symbol of purity, perfection, wonder, magic, mysticism, enchantment, and innocence. It’s twisting revolving horn is a symbol of the endless and of unity. But the most beautiful aspect of the unicorn is that he is a magical creature that belongs both to the real and to the imaginary world…. He is a creature of both the reality and of the imaginary, he is both real and yet highly intangible and he is simultaneously animal and divine. The unicorn, therefore, is the link between man and the mystical magical world that co-exists in the midst of us, and that are only perceived by a few….   an immortal power, healing us and guiding us into the right side of life…. The magical, good and wonderous side of existence.

Hopefully…. We can all BE unicorns for other people, just like the character in my novel, apparently, is to her Chris.

” I am the only Unicorn there is? The Last? … That cannot be. Why would I be the last? What do men know? Because they have seen no unicorns for a while does not mean we have all vanished. We do not vanish. … There has never been a time without unicorns. We live forever! We are as old as the sky, old as the moon! ” The Last Unicorn 




Unicorn, by Gustave Moreau (1885)



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